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Popular Trends from New York Fashion Week for Fall 2020


In the fashion industry, New York Fashion Week is seen as the ride or die for the designers.They work round the clock for months and months to put their best foot forward during this time.

In the New York Fashion Week for Fall 2020, there have been a few trends set by designers all over the world. Stay tuned to get the insight on all those!

  1. The Colors

One of the biggest staples of this fashion week was the colors. Usually, darker and more muted tones take over during the fall, but not this time. Most of the models were dressed in bright reds, yellows, and pinks.

  1. Elevated Tailoring

Chic is the new look to go for, and what better way to do it then go for something with very different tailoring. The loose-yet-fit cutting and tailoring have become the rage, and we have none other than Michael Kors to thank for that.

  1. The Glamour

We all like to go out for events, so why not take things to another level and add something a bit more to the look. Glamour or extravagance is what we are looking for when it comes to this fall.

Normally, fall is seen to be more neutral, but not this year. We have a plan to take things further than we usually do. There is no stopping us in 2020.

  1. Add More Leather

In the last few years, leather has caught a bad rep on being more of a biker style than for the runway. But since we are changing up the game, why not change leather too.

The models not only carried leather bags and wore leather shoes and coats, but they were also dressed to nine in leather and looked absolutely stunning. That’s one look we can get behind.

  1. Cutouts

Even there were many designers that have gone remarkably heavy with their design, but during the whole week, lightness was the theme for many of the designers. And that can defiantly be seen with the number of dresses with cutouts of all shapes and sizes.

Showing some skin never hurt anyone!

  1. Frills and Laces

We can say we have grown out of the age to wear frills, but that’s what we saw in the New York Fashion Week. Victorian frills took center stage on many occasions, and everyone was at awe how beautifully that blended with everything.

So, it’s safe to say that frills haven’t really gone out of style.

Final Words

That’s all the latest trends we were able to scope for you from the New York Fashion Week for Fall 2020. Don’t forget to add the bits and pieces to your 2020 wardrobe!


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