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Our Classroom Tech Obsession Puts Young Minds at Risk


Living in the 21st century, it is quite impossible to ignore the contributions technology itself has had in our history and lives today. It is everywhere around us, and we have become so accustomed to this idea that sometimes we simply overlook the costs it brings along with it.

One of the major concerns in this matter is the overuse of technology in schools and how students are being affected by it. Let us look into more details.

There is no denying the good technology has brought to the table for which it is impossible to survive without it. So the verdict is not to completely ban the use of technology, it is to limit the use and supervise the use of computers and the internet of the young minds until they can use it properly.

Negative Impacts Technology Has over Young Minds

The negative impacts technology has over young minds are as follows. Read on to find out!

  • Physiological

Kids who spend too much time on the computer or tablet tend to have physiological problems like a hunched back, poor eyesight, sore shoulder, headaches, etc. These kids are more likely to be obese and have insomnia.

Children who use too much technology are said to lack imagination and creativity and have a short attention span.

  • Mental

Parents might argue that they give their kids a smartphone for their safety, as they can contact them instantly, but how do you protect your kids from the mental dangers? The biggest drawback of social media is the bullies and the trolls, and almost every kid is prey to this.

  • Relationships

Children feel alienated from the reality as everything they do affect the virtual world the internet provides, may that be staying in your room playing video games or just living for posting on Instagram.

Families complain about how their children have become a stranger due to the overuse of technology.

Impacts of Tech in the Classroom

The negative impacts the young students have for being too dependent on the internet are as follows:

  • A tech-savvy classroom can be a distraction for the kids who are newly introduced to such gadgets. Instead of learning the content, they might be too fascinated about the device and what other things they can do it with.
  • It depletes the opportunity for students to have social interactions in class, which are important.
  • Technology can influence plagiarism and cheating. The curriculum is sometimes so advanced that children do the assignments and completes their work without really acquiring deep knowledge about the matter.
  • Not all students have the same access to the advanced technology used in the classroom back home.

Nowadays, around 44% of the kids in the US own a smartphone that has access to all the good and bad in the world, and this doesn’t allow them to value the wonders they can do with technology. This is something all we should be aware of before pushing the young minds into a dark space of mind in the name of progress.


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