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Blogo is avaliable on Mac, iPad and iPhone.

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Publishing was never so easy

We know writing is hard. So we created a simple, enjoyable blogging experience.

Blogo combines simplicity with powerful features, giving you the tools to create amazing content, hassle-free. A free path between idea and publication.

The perfect writing environment

What you see is what you post

Simplicity with power. Our intuitive text editor adapts to your writing workflow so you can write in a distraction-free environment with a real, live preview. Have it your way, and choose between rich text or markdown, embed HTML and use syntax highlighting for your code.

Found something cool? Send to Blogo.

Youtube, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Dropbox, Google, iCloud...

Our “Send to Blogo” share extension makes it easy to add content from your favorite supported source or app. Now you can share interesting content on the fly, and make sure your posts are breathtaking with our built-in image editor.

Be in control. We made it really simple.

“My site is too complicated”. Yeah, we hear you.

Blogo helps you schedule and organize multiple blogs, posts, pages and drafts with powerful search and filter functions. Moderate and reply to all your commenters from a single dashboard, and take your blog engagement to the next level.

Anywhere, Anytime

Inspiration is never planned so you need to be prepared for it. Even offline.

Use Blogo on the Mac, iPhone or iPad and keep all your publishing preferences in sync. Blogo supports Handoff so you can pick up where you left off when switching between devices.

 Get most of Blogo. Be a Pro.

You long to write, publish, and engage more, and you strive to be more productive. Be a Pro. Take your blog to the next level. Check it out:

Multiple Blogs

Manage unlimited blogs, from a single platform. Blogo offers a seamless experience while switching between your WordPress, Medium, and Blogger sites.


Boost your audience engagement.

Manage, moderate and reply to all your blog comments, and give a voice to your community.

Smart Sync with Evernote

Storing your notes, drafts, and inspiration on Evernote? Now you can smart sync and publish them using Blogo's awesome integration.

Custom Fields

Adding custom metadata to your posts has never been easier. Share what you want. From the weather or your location, to what you're listening to right now.

Social Mirrors

Take the worry away from duplicate content. Blogo's SEO friendly Social Mirror means you can share to Medium with a single click.

They all love Blogo