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Home Improvements Will Help You to Sell Your House Before Retirement


Retiring old people often find it shocking and stressful when they decide to sell their houses. What they find out after living in their homes for decades is that they need to spend thousands of dollars for renovations and updates to attract buyers.

This is quite saddening, especially when you are in that old age, right? You feel not so much urge to pay such a hefty amount of money on a cause like this.

As the potential buyers for these houses are mostly millennials, there is quite a disparity in choices and preferences between the two groups. Young people, who are already bent with heavy student loan debt on them, have no interest in paying thousands of dollars to buy a home and then renovating it further.

They seek houses that are hassle-free and move-in ready. Moreover, today’s young customers are choosy in picking homes as to how the kitchens and bathrooms are. As a matter of fact, they look for updated kitchens and new-fashioned bathrooms.

To tackle the issue, sellers need to plan ahead, considering the choices and preferences of the millennials. If you are willing to sell your home after retirement, you should start planning and making improvements for it long before.

You are recommended to talk to a real estate agent at five years before the time you want to sell your house. And you can then get to know about the current demands and what your home needs to sell. You can try improving your house bit by bit over the years.

Why don’t you try applying a new coat of painting around the house? That should change the view of it and make it look modern.

Also, millennials tend to like stainless steel appliances. So, you can replace your outdated appliances with modern ones. In addition, you can swap outdated lights with LED lights and get a smart thermostat. Keep in mind what the buyers may notice at first sights.

Another issue is the bathroom. Most old homes have one bathroom, but nowadays people want at least or more than two bathrooms. Hence, you should consider investing into making another one.

When investing, consider if it’s going to pay you back when you sell the house. Because you don’t want to sink money into anything. Make only those changes that will cost you not so much but bring a profit in return.

Another thing you should do: clear the clutter. Most old people tend to collect things that millennials feel are unnecessary. If you keep your house clean from unnecessary stuff, you have already made it look smarter.


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