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If you have seen Two and A Half Men or Drop Dead Diva, you will surely know the famous American actress named April Michelle Bowlby. Her character name on the popular CBS comedy series, Two and a Half Men, was Kandi.

April Michelle Bowlby Wiki

April Bowlby was born on 30 July 1980. She was born in the village of Vallejo, California. This North American actress is currently 38 years old. Soon after her birth, April and her family member shifted California. But there is not enough news about the parents and siblings of Bowlby.

April Bowlby is a perfect example of beauty with brain. This amazing actress has studied ballet dancing, French language. Besides, she went to Moorpark College for studying marine biology. She also studied drama under the drama coach Ivana Chubbub. After completing her study, she started her acting journey.

The first entry of Bowlby was done by a modeling job. After modeling for a few days, then she auditioned for television series, Two And A Half Men. She played the role Kandi (two and a half me) amazingly. In the year of 2004, April first debuted in CSI in an episode.

In the next year, we got to see her appearance in the same series, but this time we also saw her on the series named Stacked and Freddie. The year 2005 was a lucky year for her because April stated that her main breakthrough also happened in that year. April got the offer of her famous role, Kandi in the series, Two and a Half Men.

She continued in the set for almost 10 years. She was actively seen in 17 episodes. If you have seen the series How I Met Your Mother, you may see her as Meg. She appeared in different episodes from the year 2007 to 2014. April also acted in Drop Dead Diva from 2009 to 2014. She acted in 78 episodes of the show.

The actress did not stop there. She also participated in different TV series and also in different Television films. Some of the films of her are Sands of Oblivion, Kath & Kim, Out of Jimmy’s Head, Psych, You’re the Worst, The Engagement Clause, Marriage of Lies and Mom.

She also performed in a sci-fi sitcom, The Big Bang Theory in In 2017. Her 3 famous movies are From Prada to Nada, All Roads Lead Home, and The Slammin’ Salmons.

The whole television show career of April Bowlby earned her huge fame and great fortune of $2 million. She is one of the most prominent actresses of Hollywood who has been charming the audience since 2004. Her career is longer than 15 years, and in this span of time, she is more or less successful in maintaining her net worth.

April Michelle Bowlby
Doom Patrol — Ep. 101 — “Pilot” / Photo by Bob Mahoney / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

April Bowlby’s Net Worth

Though we do not get to know her wage or charge, her net worth has crossed the bar of $2 million. With her grace and great acting skill, we hope that she will add more numbers in her net worth in the upcoming days.

April Bowlby Death Rumor

In Dec, 2018, the rumour has been spread. She is a victim of a death hoax.

Personal Life And Relationship

There is only available information about her personal life is that she was on a fleeting relationship with Josh Groban. The news suggests that they started dating in November 2009 and got separated in March 2010.

Though there are many gossips about her marriage, according to some trusted sources, we got the information that she is still unmarried, and she hasn’t got engaged yet.

She is active in Instagram and posts photos, but her present relationship status is still a mystery. Maybe this actress is now focusing more on her career.


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