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Rite Aid AnnouncesAndre Persaud as Retail EVP


Rite Aid has selected Andre Persaud as its EVP in the retail sector. Andre Persaud will be in charge of all the retail operations of Rite Aid. In the 18 states of the United States of America, there are more than 2,400 Rite Aid stores.

His job responsibility also includes supply chain management, inventory,field team management, asset protection, repairs, store operations, and facility maintenance. Heyward Donigan, the CEO of Camp Hill, praised Andre and said that he has proven his worth in lading a retail sector with a unique and effective strategy.

He has also mentioned that the company has some goals for this year and the upcoming years. The Head believes that Andre is the right person who will facilitate the progress much more smoothly.

And the company focuses on creatingan impactful and pleasant customer experience, and by that, customer loyalty will be increased.

Persaud has been serving for more than 25 years to gain this position. He has diverse experience and broad knowledge of retail experience that does not limit the country boundary. And he has vast knowledge and informative channels across different formats of grocery, off-price apparel pharmacy, and beauty services.

Moreover, he has work experience in both public and private equity-based companies that are located in both Canada and the United States of America.

After the news was revealed, Persuad interview for a local channel and expressed his excitement to work for Rite Aid. He has said that his job will be a challenging one because now is one of the important moments for the history of the company.

Also, he has mentioned that the expectations of customers who are related toretail pharmacies are changing with the times. They want the service so be more relevant, seamless, and enjoyable. Andre will be directly supervising Rite Aid so that they can meet the expectation of the retail customer and offer a wholesome experience.


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