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Merkle Sokrati and TikTok India SignStrategic Partnership


Merkle Sokrati has sealed a strategic collaboration with the Indian branch of TikTok in order to improve the connectivity with its customers. The plan includes strategic decisions using the TikTok platform so that the clients can connect more easily with the brand.

This strategic partnership includes different marketing plans like Merkle Sokrati, and TikTok India will be working together so that they can create sustainable marketing practices on the platform. It will be an example of an evolving campaign that will set an example for different Indian brands.

And thisjoint ventureis likely to facilitatedifferent measurement characteristics that are definitely going to enhance the intrinsic value of the brands. This strategy will also bring benefits for the clients of Merkle Sokrati.

Vice President of TikTok India commented that over the recent years, TikTok has proven its worth by providing a platform to showcase creative content creation.

Directly and indirectly, many brands are conducting their promotional activities on this platform, and the brands have gained success in generating drive among their customers.

As TikTok promotes short-videos on its platform, brands have to express their message in a very short and precise manner. The videos have to be created in such a way they can create interest in the minds of the customers.

The Vice President of TikTok has said that TikTok acknowledges and values partnerships like the one with Merkle Sokrati because they promote the acceleration of client experience.

Also, the CEO of Merkle Soktrati, Anubhav Sonthalia, has said that in these days of technology, digital media is continuously growing and evolving in an advanced way. The CEO is determined to experiment with their marketing plan on the TikTok platform so that the end-users get an amazing customer experience.

He also added that as TikTok is an engaging social platform, more brands are getting interested in using this as their marketing tool.


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