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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Your Leather Boots


The best of the shoe type is boots.
A pair of boots will instantly solve all your problems. Have nothing to wear with those jeans? Wear boots. Have nothing to go with that Leather Jackets? Wear boots. Have nothing to wear with that skirt? Wear boots!

Here we are going to tell you a few types of leather first so we can form an opinion about what we want and what we don’t want.


Made from the unblemished shroud grains, they are rough and tough, with low maintenance. This leather is usually used to make military shoes as climbing mountains.


Suede are for summers. Almost everybody knows this fact. They are made from lightweight material so it doesn’t become itchy. The flesh side of the skin is used but it’s completely rubbed down so it becomes non-irritant.


This kind of leather undergoes a tanning procedure. It is called VegTan for the sole reason that it has vegetable trees lint’s and tissues. It is extremely lightweight easier to carry and wear.


The pull up leather is heavily oiled and waxed Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket It undergoes a thorough procedure of oiling and waxing it before it is launched in market.

The other types:

There are genuine leather and then there are faux or PU leather.

Genuine leather:
The genuine leather is made from using animal’s skin. These animals may be lamb, sheep, cow, snake and so on. As they are coming from actual animals, they are the most durable and last longest.

FAUX leather:
Faux leather is made from synthetic, it is used as a substitute for the real leather. In this no animal product is included. It is also durable and the companies are trying to improve it, day in and day out.

Few leather boots you must have:

1. Wolverine original:
The best shoes that goes with your leather jackets and Movie Jackets, they will also look tough and fit to match with your Harley Davidson. The wolverine company has an association with HD and most of them are advertised together too. They are tough and sexy too look at.

2. Aquatalia women’s suede leather boots:
A round toe, low block heel suede leather shoe. They will direct you most towards winters. They are amazing to look at covers your feet properly, has a click to them and goes well with whatever you wear. They are weather friendly too.

3. Sketchers:
They are for men, usually for Mariners. They are made from pure leather, with rubber sole. The upper side is smooth because oiling or waxing. They are tough and amazing to wear with casual Jean’s.

4. TOM kala wedge:
It is a booty style shoe with small wedge block heel. It is made in the USA originally and Suede leather is used to make it. They have a one for one deal, where you buy one TOM and TOM will give out a pair who can’t buy them.

Here are some ways you can keep your boots clean:

Proper storage

Leather boots are like babies. They need to be taken care of too. You can’t expect to roughly throw them wherever you want and expect them to look brand new. Put it in a clean place, wrap a plastic or butter paper around them if possible.

Clean them regularly

Use a clean washcloth drain out all the water and use it on your boots. Use a shiner to keep them shining all the time.


Do not over wear your leather boots. Yes we know you like them the most and they are the most durable of your collection but do not use your boots where there are not needed, they need the rest too.

Leather boots are something that is worn by all types or people bikers, teenagers, girls, boys, office goers and even wrestlers. WWE shops are selling boots too; their wrestlers wear them almost on daily basis.

You should now learn to take care of your boots and buy the right ones so they can go with your attire.


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