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A Neutral Perspective on Maximalist Approach to Home Decor


In the realm of home décor, the minimalist style gets recognition for tis serene shades, stark walls, and simple, clean lines.

So, maximalism doesn’t mean you fill each square inch in your home with stuff. It’s more about fusing prints, colors, and eclectic beautifications. An urban flat today is oozing with style. At the core of every maximalist space, lies a bold amalgamation of textures and colors.

  • A brick wall renders a big punch of urban personality and provides a stylish contrast to the slender oak herringbone surface.
  • An exciting combination of mismatched seating bolsters the space’s eclectic vibe.
  • A patterned rug can anchor your living room, pulling every jewel and earthy tones out and enlivening the area.
  • While numerous maximalist homes comprise walls decked in art, some rooms entail a dashing cityscape print, standing out like a strong punctuation mark.
  • A graphic and bold living room will have bright white walls setting the stage for the dance of patterns and colors in a living room.
  • The accent pillows, rug, curtains feature a different and distinct pattern.

Reviving maximalism

The perpetual battle between the lavish and the austere has its own thrill with maximalism inhabiting many spaces today. For proud maximalists, your sofa can groan with radiant throws and pillows, with premium couch covers and a bookshelf that’s your personal hall of odd to rare knickknacks.

  • Paper your walls exuberantly. Some high-end condos have clashing and contrasting chintzes in three patterns.
  • For a maximalist the visual and physical cacophony is desirable. Currently, this approach is not unimpeachably modern or chic.
  • Your apartment can be full of patterns and red lacquers. You have the leverage of running a riot of comfort, patterns and colors.
  • For curating your comfort and making your rooms resemble jewel boxes from classic galleries, you can have crystal match materials giving company to cane-styled needlepoint sofas and cushions, dog figurines, and gorgeous banana-leaf picture and wallpaper.

The approach

You need to find cohesion first. Just because maximalism often entails a wide variety styles, it doesn’t certify that you can clutter your space. Find ways to connect individual pieces throughout your property.

You can tie a room together by synthesizing a bold wallpaper with complementing throw pillows. It pays off to play with different designs from different eras.

  • Every furniture can perform in maximalist place.
  • Try blending furniture from a minimum of three periods for creating a really intriguing and maximalist space.

An over-the-top gallery can make a great display. To hang art in these spaces, the more styles and options, the better. A gallery wall is the best way to showcase your artistic style and express all types of art that appeal to you. You don’t need to limit your choices to one or two pieces.

You can go for a mix of sizes, a range of frames, and different art styles. As with all maximalist décor aspects, there are zero rules for paints. You can choose the colors you love. Your paint must make a big impact.


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