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Cruise Company Pairs up with Sephora to Expand Beauty Offering

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Sam Deitch/BFAnyc.com/REX/Shutterstock (4006499ag) Shop interior Sephora 60th at Lex Grand Opening, New York, America - 30 Jul 2014

If you enjoy using and buying makeup, then you must know about Sephora. It is the one-stop-shop that everyone raves over when it comes to high-end and luxury beauty products. They carry products of their own as well as of other brands, so you are bound it find something for yourself once you walk inside

There are Sephora outlets in most countries of the world. In countries like the United States of American and UAE, there are outlets in all the major malls or tourist areas. Because people really cannot get enough of it. And now, the cruise company has teamed up with Sephora to enhance the customer’s experience.

The collection of the cruise company is said to be very large and versatile, and therefore, the vacationers can choose from makeup tools to skincare. They even have a wide range of testers so that the customers have the chance to see what they actually like.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Sephora, a global beauty industry leader, and look forward to providing guests with even more beautiful possibilities onboard,” said CEO and Starboard president Lisa Bauer.

She added, “As an LVMH company, Starboard provides our cruise line partners with unique opportunities that are not available with any other cruise retailer.”

This move is most likely to be very profitable for both the companies as the sales of these cosmetic products on the ships are going to be very high as people itch to spend more money when they are relaxed and on vacation.

A deal such as this is not as common and is said to provide more opportunities for further partnerships and businesses between different industries.


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