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Duroflex Mattresses Hires Smita Murarka as Vice-President of Marketing


The famous sleep accessories and Mattresses brand,Duroflex, has revealed the nomination of SmitaMurarka in the post of vice president of the Marketing department. She has joined as the VP of Marketing in India.

Murkha has experience of more than 16 years that enabled her to excel in the sectors ofmarketing, business development, e-commerce, product management, business strategy, range management, sales, and operations.

Her vast knowledge and expertise have given her the position to exercise and implement different marketing strategies at Duroflex. SmitaMurarka has expressed her excitement to join her another professional carrier at Duroflex. Her job responsibility will focus on buildinga brand image that will be sustainable.

And her strategies also have to be adaptive and updated according to the fast-changing fashion and fast-growing consumer goods. The strategies will obviously include rebranding and trying out different styles so that the product does not get boring over time.

Also, the new vice president of Duroflex has said that the campaigns and marketing initiatives will include innovation, creativity, and the use of technology so that they can accurately reach out to the people.

Before Murarka joined as the Vice President of Marketing department of Duroflex in India, she has served as the head of marketing at Amante, MAS Brands India.

She is famous for her energetic leadership style because critiques believe that her unique leadership traits helped to build and grow brands likeAmante, Lifestyle, and also otherbrands that focus on lifestyle.

In the year of 2019, Murarkaa received the Women Super Achiever Award 2019 (World Women Leadership) and Star Youth Achiever Award of CMO Asia. These awards represent her international recognition all over the world.

On top of that, the managing director of Duroflex, Mathew Chandy, has said that the company is proud to have Smita in their marketing team. They are really positive about her experience in the relevant field that will facilitate the future growth of Duroflex.

Furthermore, the management body believes that her expertise and knowledge will help the company to serve customers in a sustainable manner.


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