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Best Smart Home Applications To Improve Quality Of Life


The internet of things and associated technologies have drastically changed how we interact with our household appliances and smart devices. We can now command these machines to do things in ways we never thought possible/. With this new technology, several applications have come onto the market. Some are good and some are not so good. Having to download, install, and use each one to find the apps that deliver actual value can be a trying and time-consuming process. The following is a short list of smart home applications that do just that, deliver real user value.

iKettle: iKettle is a product that allows the user to brew tea straight from their phone. The individual buys the teapot and downloads the associated application. “iKettle allows the user to set a predefined time that the kettle will start steeping tea. The user can also adjust the temperature as well as choose the “keep warm” setting all from their phone,” writes Benjamin Gertz, a lifestyle writer at Writinity and Researchpapersuk. iKettle has become a very popular smart home product and is sold at a wide number of retailers.

Amazon Alexa: Amazon broke into the smart home market with one of the area’s most popular products. The Amazon Alexa is one of the best smart home automation systems around. It functions as a sort of digital assistant. The user can command it to play music, provide information, relay the news, make shopping lists, control other Alexa devices as well as a host of other functions. It is the leader in smart home automation for a reason.

Nest: Founded in 2010 Nest is not a new application. This thermostat controlling software is still very popular and for good reason. It offers a simple, cost-effective solution to remote thermostat control that few competitors have been able to beat.

HUE: Those who want to be able to control their thermostat from their phone are also likely to want the same power over their lighting controls. “Hue is the by far the most popular consumer application for lighting controls. The program does not just turn lights on and off but also offers the ability to acutely adjust the lighting,” writes Josh Hamid, a blogger at Draftbeyond and Lastminutewriting

Home Connect: Smart appliances have become immensely popular. These devices can be anything from one’s stove to their TV, it is any appliance connected to a network through the internet of things technology. Home connect can be thought of as a sort of central command for all of one’s smart appliances. The largest benefit to Home Connect is that it allows the user to connect smart appliances from different brands. Imagine being able to control the fridge, washing machine, coffee maker, and thermostat all from one single device under one single program.

iRobot App: Self moving vacuum units have come a long way from their initial release on late-night infomercials. These devices are smarter and more efficient than ever and, as one may have guessed, can now be connected to the IoT allowing the user to control the device through their phone. The application also informs the user of how full the collection bin, battery levels, and how long it spent cleaning the floor. Without any notable competitors, iRobot is by far the leader in self-cleaning devices.

MyQ Garage Access: For many years automated entry into one’s garage required having a dedicated unit which one kept in their car. When approaching the garage the unit would be pressed, opening the door. The MyQ Garage Access app does away with the need for a separate unit entirely. All garage controls can be accessed via smartphone with the MyQ app.

Google Home: Coming out shortly after Alexa, Google Home has quickly established itself as a major competitor. This device does all the things Alexa does but it seamlessly integrates with other devices running apple software and technology. It is also considered to be far better for internet searching as well as voice calling.

Conclusion: We are the beginning of the smart home technology revolution and it will only grow. Every day new technologies are being released which test the limits of what people would have thought was possible even just a decade ago.

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