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People nowadays have varied preferences when it comes to music. Some like classical, whereas others like rap and hip-hop. Heavy metal has also been a favorite for a big niche. And Tommy Vext is a name that is commonly heard when it comes to music such as that.

Tommy Vext Wiki

Tommy Vext, who was actually named Thomas Cummings, is a very popular heavy metal lead vocalist who has been in various bands like the Bad Wolves, Divine Heresy, Snot, and Westfield Massacre. He worked as a lead vocalist in all of these, which helped him reach the success in his career.

Tommy Vext (April 15, 1982) was born in New York City in the United States. There really is not much information about his family as he has always been a very private person and prefers to publicize only his work rather than his personal life.

Tommy Vext Wiki

Now, as for the starting of his career or journey towards stardom, it started when he was a teenager. He would frequently engage in rap battles around the neighborhood against kids his own age and older. That is when he discoed his true passions for this.

But given his age, it was difficult to do much. This is what got him into different clubs so that he could perform for people. Afterward, at the age of 14 in the year 1996, he formed his own band with a few of his friends. They named the band Maniacal Disciple which they later changed to Vext.

Soon after, Vext became Thomas’s nickname, and people started to refer to him as Tommy Vext. He and his band were very active and ever involved in various shows until they made a big name for themselves in New York City.

In the year 2006, Tommy Vext was recited into the band called Divine Heresy. The first alum was a big hit among the fans and the press. Most of the songs composed by the band were written by Vext, who used writing as a medium of communication that gave people a visual of his personal life and problems.

After much back and forth with a few other bands, Vext finally formed a band named Bad Wolves in the year 2016 after his band Vext broke up. Bad Wolves is still very much there and has been very successful with all the songs they have come out will since 2017.

Tommy Vext and his band also reached Platinum Status for their song Zombie. This is an achievement not many bands have been able to reach. Bad Wolves was the very first rock band to do so.

And finally, other than his vast career in the music industry Tommy Vext has also made a debut in a movie back in the year 2016. He was in a short film named Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, where he plSayed the role of a drug dealer.

Random Questions & Answers

How Old is Tommy Vext?

Answer: Tommy Vext age is 37 years as of 2020

Tommy Vext Height

Answer: We didn’t find any information about his height.

Tommy Vext Nationality

Answer: United States

Over the years, Vext has done many things and has tried his luck with different bands, and in the process has become one of the most significant metal vocalists out there.


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