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Tata Steel Gives Multi-Brands Digital Mandate to Team Pumpkin


In the last week, Tata Steel came into news because they awarded one of the prestigious digital mandates for the title of Tata Steel Aashiyana and Tata Tiscon to the Team Pumpkin that came from India.

It was mentioned in the digital mandate that the agency would be working toassist the brand with strategic assistance and to facilitate the execution of the promotional activities that are designed to strengthen brand image. The project also aims to achieve a strong online community over digital platforms.

Team Pumpkin has been providing its service in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore for many days.Recently, they have opened their office in Kolkata. They have not started their physical office at Kolkata.For now, they are operating with their satellite team.


And Team Pumpkin mainly manages the social media profiles, search engine optimization, marketing activation for Tata Aashiyana and Tiscon. These companies are managed by Tata Steel.

As mentioned before, Team Pumpkin mainly works in managing digital platforms and digital marketing strategies for Tata Steel. This agency has recently helped Taka Shaktee and Tata Basera in designing their online campaigns and contents. This mandate also includes revamping the brand.

The CBO of Team Pumpkin, Swati Nathani, was recently interviewed after the announcement of the award. He said in the interview that the team members of Team Pumpkin love challenging situations that force them to go out of their comfort zone. That’s why they love to try out different unconventional ways to explore.

He said that by selling different home decoration products online, they get an exciting opportunity to explore different marketing strategies.

They have plans to transform the base of the digital perspective of home building in India. Team Pumpkin has been successfully incorporated with Tata Steel for a long time, and they have received this award for their work appreciation.


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