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Preston Roberts – Wiki, Death and Net Worth


Preston James Roberts is an American reality TV personality who appeared in a recurring role in the reality TV show “Mountain Men” of History Channel alongside his best friend, Eustace Conway.
In the beloved ongoing show, the two explored what it was like to live in the grand wilderness on their own and how survival really is like. They explored the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the Yaak River, and the coldest reaches of Alaska.

The two alongside Tom Oar and Marty Meierotto faced off against all these and more. Born on July 17, 1957, in Brevard, North Carolina, he lived with his parents and siblings before moving to Wilkes Country. He studied at the Atlantic Christian College, a liberal arts college in North Carolina.

preston mountain men

Later, he secured a degree in Art Education at Appalachian State University. He taught as a teacher in Wikes County School for 25 years. And he was loved as a teacher, being elected for the “Teacher of the Year” award twice. Alongside his esteemed teaching career, he was also an organizer of various cultural events.
After graduating from the Atlantic Christian College, he soon met his soon-to-be best friend and co-worker, Eustace Conway. The two worked together in “Mountain Men”, and their wholesome friendship was a sight to behold in the episodes they starred in.

The two also engaged in activities outside their show, such as horseback riding in North and South Carolina. Preston was happily married to Kathleen DuPont McGuire in 1975 and had three boys later on.
As befitting a nature lover, Preston and Kathleen lived in a small, quaint log cabin on the banks of the East Fork River.

Preston was an avid builder stemming from his childhood, where he built a small shelter using cardboard boxes and slept in it during the night. He preferred a primitive lifestyle, one involving log cabins and keeping warm via firewood. And he was also known to craft beautiful knives that he sold to raise funds for charity.
Alongside Eustace Conway, Preston Roberts was the visionary co-founder of Turtle Island Preserve, a non-profit education center that helps educate people about the natural world. Through this, Eustace and Preston both gave many people a different view and appreciation of life- “live more deliberately”.

What happened to Preston Roberts from mountain men

Sadly, later on, Preston Roberts suffered from a tumor in his liver. It was deemed inoperable, and he passed away on 24 July 2017. He was buried at Morning Watch Hill Cemetery. His death shook many people, especially his best friend Eustace Conway, who prepared an emotional tribute.

Preston Mountain man net worth

Preston died with a net worth of 900 thousand dollars. While “Mountain Men” continues to air, there is a sadness in the hearts of many long-time viewers with the absence of the beloved Preston Roberts; his legacy continues to live on with Turtle Island Preserve and the people who embrace his way of life.


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