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Microsoft Is Making Plans about Phasing out the Windows 10 Store for Business


Phasing out of the Windows store for business and store for education until now has just been a rumor. However, the rumor was confirmed to be true by a recent report made by Mary Jo Foley in ZDNet.

The report says Microsoft officials have declared that the Microsoft store for business and store for education will be deplored by the end of this fiscal year that is the end of June 2020. Let’s see what else the report had to say.

What Is the Microsoft Store for Business and Store for Education?

The Microsoft store for business and store for education enables different corporations and businesses to control the distribution and licensing of the apps that we find in public stores and the distribution of apps that are line-in-business and under development.

And the confusion happens when one thinks it’s a consumer app in a commercial windows 10 store.

Why the Phase-out?

Initially, Microsoft planned to update UWP (Universal Windows Platform) to launch apps secure in the windows 10 store for the consumers. However, the plan didn’t take off. Just after the failure by the windows 10 mobile, this development just fails to weight out the cost-benefit analysis.

So Kevin Gallo, Microsoft’s vice president for the Windows Development Platform, explains that the store was just a channel for distribution. As long as Microsoft can provide the apps securely, the existence of the store shouldn’t matter.

Even though Microsoft has not announced the phase-out publicly, Gallo has confirmed it to Foley that it is happening and also has provided the date.

What Else Is Microsoft Doing?

Microsoft has changed its store technology from APPX to MSIX, which enables you to get an app securely from anywhere, may that be the web or the store. Win31 apps are also available in the stores now. Microsoft is currently looking at other convenient ways to make sure that customers find it easy to track down an app.

They are trying to develop a trust model for the consumers, which is like a Microsoft certification of the apps so that customers can use it without a doubt.

Trust Model

The idea of this model is to permit consumers to download different kinds of apps from any location or platform and be sure that it’s secure because it is backed up by Microsoft.

And the windows 10 App Installer will allow the apps to be updated automatically under the trust model, as this is one of the promising features of the Microsoft store.

So the store of business and store of education can be easily excluded from Windows 10 as the trust model will work as a substitute for the store of business and store of education.

Moreover, the Microsoft store did not gain the popularity it hoped it would gain, so if it is omitted from the Windows 10 completely, provided there is an alternative for the users, it will not be missed very much.

However, to do so, Microsoft needs to keep on working, updating, and innovating new technologies for windows to keep their place as the number one operating system of the world.


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