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Health Care Service Corp. Fires Hundreds of Workers


The Chicago based company Blue Cross, the parent company of Health Care Service Corp. (HCSC), has been in one of the top news nowadays. They have eliminated about 400 employees that include important middle management positions as well.

This elimination has been conducted on their five branches, including the one in Oklahoma.

The Branch Names

We have contacted Lauren Cusick, spokeswoman of Blue Cross in Tulsa and she said the employees belonged to New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Montana and Oklahoma. There are a total of 24,000 employees in these five regions.

Who Are the Ones Being Laid Off?

This layoff was announced internally some days before. And the rumors spread that middle managerial posts like the senior manager, director titles are also included in this elimination. This news is announced by Greg Thompson’s personal interview with Crain.

He also said that the change in the organizational framework is not a sudden decision; the Blue Cross was considering this for past days.

Why This Layoff?

Thompson answered the question and said that it is designed to restructure its business strategy. They have planned to be more efficiency-oriented and wanted to clarify the roles and responsibilities of each role.

This event is basically constructed to enhance their employee’s productivity and serve the customers in a proper and better way.

The Motto of HCSC?

HCSC has a long-term plan that includes the expansion of the corporation, and this will result in rapid industry amalgamation. Other industries like UnitedHealth Group, has planned to engineer endorse billion-dollar dealings that will eliminate existing traditional frontiers between pharmacies doctors and insurers.

This elimination event is designed to lower the cost and to eliminate the inefficiency that is hampering the company’s success. Scholars suggest that this internal restructuration of the company will reflect some changes in the market scenario.

Current Plan of HCSC?

From an internal announcement of Maurice Smith, President has mentioned that they have brought different changes so that the new design can serve the purpose of serving the customer and members in a better way.

The president also mentioned that they have plans to add 1000 new job posts for the field of technology, digital management, and customer service.

Dress Code Policy

However, HCSC recently has tightened its policy regarding dress code. It is based on a separate internal memo of HCSC. They have planned to embrace professional attire while serving the clients. The memo said that the employees could come in casuals on Fridays.

According to HCSC, they have implemented this to provide and maintain a professional environment that will provide guidance and reminder to employees to work professionally.

This new change in the organization made some confusion among the employees regarding the merging or acquisition of the company. Though there is no news about that, management says that this decision is taken to create a more professional environment.

The employees now have to dress up professionally while meeting senior management and clients, but they have the freedom to weak khakis, dress shirts, or casuals in the internal team meetings.


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